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 Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."
~ July 25, 1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy

CASA-CAN is all about   . . .

. . .  children having a voice through a trained volunteer guardian ad litem who advocates for them and protects their rights. After all, every child deserves a safe, forever home as quickly as possible.  

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volunteer of the year

Child Abuse reaches an all time high in Cascade County during the first quarter of 2013!

Some of our children:

  • A child born with fetal alcohol syndrome joins his sister in foster care.
         They need a guardian ad litem
  • After a child was confirmed to be malnourished the child was placed in short term shelter care while waiting for a foster care opening.
          He needs a guardian ad litem
  • A 10 year old told her friend a secret her 'daddy' told her not to tell.

           She needs a guardian ad litem



    There are over 80 children waiting for a voice just here in Cascade County.
    Could that voice be yours?


    If you can't volunteer, consider making donation
    to support the work of volunteer advocates.

    Toll Free Reporting: 1 (866) 820-5437 



    Be a voice for a child who can't speak for themselves.
    Protect their rights.   Speak in their best interests.
    Become a Child Advocate. Or Donate.


    Jessica Bray shares the heartache of her child's murder to prevent
    a similar situation from happening in another family






















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